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A Journal - Inside the Belly of the Whale

Inside the Belly of the Whale, is a right-brained approach to processing grief, loss and trauma. The journal sequence of original images that are on the right and blank pages for your own writing, sketches, reflections or thoughts.

Inside the Belly of the Whale is a visual narrative of the spiritual transformation of the author and artist/photographer, L.L. Griffin, triggered by the death of her mother and the downward spiral Griffin’s life took afterward. The Biblical story of Jonah and the whale both gave Griffin the title and inspired her story.

Modern life rarely acknowledges – and frequently pathologizes – grief. But when we bring grief into consciousness and honor it, it can become part of a larger, positive experience of transformation and rebirth. Carl Jung called this kind of transformation the “night sea journey”; the great mystics called it the “dark night of the soul.” Grieving can bring the soul to stillness, thus readying it for profound spiritual change.
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