As Fall begins, and the light begins to dim we all know what is coming. (holiday season if you weren’t sure ūüėČ Pumpkin favor is everywhere, it’s cooler and holidays are in the stores and family pressures slowly begin – maybe not slowly for everyone ūüôĀ

Last week I talked about adding Yoga Nidra to help with de-stressing. The point is finding the power of pausing for you.  I would also encourage doing a slow-flow of yoga which can be a prayerful practice or a practice of mindfulness. Our hope is to make you to practice yoga in a safe manner that brings better strength, agility, posture and flowing with your breath.

Everybody needs support

At Catspaw Studio we are committed to helping you pause.  Even though you mostly need a strong mind and willingness to challenge your physical self, there are products that are helpful to pause and unplug. It is important to mention we pause for our well being.

Use a cushion for a restorative pose or simply to sit on.

Life can be demanding at times. The mind and body must be in tune with one another. Achy, stiff muscles and incorrect posture can make it difficult to have this connection. Who can concentrate on stillness of the mind when one’s body is hurting or uncomfortable? ¬†The neck wraps and eye pillows are extraordinary for providing numerous restorative benefits.

Our Products

Whether you are someone who is fashionable or more concerned with function, you are sure to find something that you like in our online store we chose fabrics that fun and festive.

Each and every product is hand-crafted by us with the utmost level of craftsmanship. Our customers will be in awe of the high quality and comfort that is found with all of these accessories. Everything that we sell features beautiful fabrics meant to inspire. We stuff them with organic buckwheat hulls harvested in the United States.

As the light wanes and the holidays come closer,  pause and support yourself or give a gift  that helps your friends and family pause.