power in the pause

at catspaw studio practice pausing

Practice pausing it will make you more centered and grounded



practice pausing using a catspaw cushion for supportive bridgePractice pausing.

Sometimes you just have to stop. You may be  in traffic or you are in a line or you are just stuck. You are forced to pause. But how do you learn how to pause with out being forced into it?

First, you have to believe there is value in taking a moment. Knowing it  is important and that there is power in pausing.

You will not always be able to come to a supportive bridge pose with a catspaw cushion but stopping and following your breath is always available. Following your breath is the quickest way for you or your team to come to focus, get centered and grounded.

Now you are practicing the power of the pause.



finding the support with a traditional catspaw cushion

Learning to pause is an important skill to practice

using a catspaw cushion for meditation for support while sitting in hero's poseAs Labor Day approaches it’s a great opportunity  for us to remember what’s important.  Showing up, doing your best and the willingness to learn, are a few things that come to mind.

But, sometimes the hard work is seating with difficult emotions.  Learning to pause is an important skill to practice.

Working hard can mean being still  – what does it take for you to be still?



catspaw cushions

How do you practice pausing?

A simple answer is to sit, take a breath in and on the exhale put down your phone, tablet or lap top.

Take another breath in and exhale.

Repeat. You are now pausing.

catspaw studio

creating space

Giving yourself the time is the first step toward creating space.

I can tell you, you need certain things in your corner or room but what you really need to is to schedule yourself time to sit and be with your breath.

catspaw cushionsOnce you have committed to creating space,  support your body with a cushion we make beautiful and functional ones.  Also a few inspiration things and a timer.

Ready set pause 😉

the key is learning how to pause

catspaw cushionsTaking mini moments though out the day to pause.  There is power in pausing and it just may give you the clarity that you need.

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