This 2017 has started off a little slow, I am sick from one of my kids and that has emphasized the idea of pausing and starting the year out with truth and clarity, because I haven’t been able to do much.

The 5th Chakra, in the base of your throat, is, unsurprisingly, the center of communication. When you balance the 5th Chakra, you speak with confidence. You are able to speak from your heart, and your words are truthful.

An unhealthy 5th Chakra can manifest in many ways. Internally, you may feel fearful, painfully shy, or unfulfilled in your life’s purpose. You may speak harsh words to others. You may not listen well to others. Many believe that physical symptoms manifest from more subtle imbalances. Some examples may include an over- or underactive thyroid.

To balance your 5th Chakra, you must be honest in your introspection. Observing your thoughts and emotions from a place of compassionate honesty, your speech will be honest and compassionate. You will be kind to others, and you will feel strong within yourself. Your words will be truthful, necessary, and kind. You will never criticize unless you do so constructively.

In seeking to balance your 5th Chakra, you will also allow others to do the same. Listening is an essential way to bring this balance. You offer to others that which you seek—the feeling of confident self-expression.

Physically, there are powerful yoga asanas to help you. For instance, the shoulder stand, plow, and bridge all work to clear obstructions in the 5th Chakra.  At Catspaw Studio we are committed to helping you whether find your yogic journey.