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Procrastination Holiday

Although may of us procrastinate even the littlest things there actually might be some sound scientific reasoning behind the act.  Additionally who would have thought there was an actual time to celebrate or honor procrastination?  So many articles, books, and talks are devoted to being on top of it.  So according to Wikipedia procrastination is explained as:


There are several expressed goals for the week. The first is to celebrate the act of procrastinating by leaving necessary tasks to be done at a later time. There are, however, other purposes for the holiday. One claim is that the week of putting-off provides a mental and emotional break causing a decrease in stress and anxiety. However the holiday does not advocate sloth and inaction. Instead it places emphasis on accomplishing tasks and leisurely activities that could not be accomplished while one had other responsibilities. These may include reading, cooking, cleaning, and exercising. 

There is of course opposition to this “holiday” but I will take the positive approach.   So this key is to take a break and do something that one has put on the back burner such as doing #yoga or #meditating.  Although procrastination is an ugly term in itself, the premise behind this ideal is worthy one indeed.  Take some time for yourself and explore some new yoga poses.

Click on the link and come into a child’s pose – Balasana


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