power in the pause

because every body needs support

catspaw studioBecause every body needs support – but the bigger question is what do we need? It is worth while to ask and ponder and be in that ambiguous state.

because sitting with your truth takes courage

journal - keeper of the treasureBecause sitting with your truth takes courage – spiritual growth is hard work, pause and ponder. Inside the Belly of the Whale journal is your journey.

pause and try yoga nidra

Learning to relax and let your muscle and mind settle down may take practice for some of us.  A guided yoga nidra on YouTube can get you started.

encouraging you on your journey

catspaw cushionsEncouraging you on your journey.  Learning to pause is the the key to sitting with your truth. Create your space with things
that inspire and support.  Cushions, original art and a journal to write your thoughts.

every body needs support

catspaw cushionstake a moment and find the support you need every body needs support. we all have unique needs and sometimes it takes awhile to find a match.

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