the key is in the pause

Does being picky serve us?

Before trying to answer, what do I mean by asking, “Does being picky serve us?”  Looking at the thesaurus, other words for picky are choosy, fussyfinickyfastidiousoverparticulardifficult/hard to pleasedemanding, persnickety.  

When I think someone is being too picky, it’s usually about food – she/he is a picky eater.  But it can be more than the food.  For example, “I can’t go for a walk because my walking partner canceled and I can’t go walking alone.”  Or, I can’t go to yoga class because my favorite teacher is out.  Have you ever thought, “I want to be with my friends but I don’t like that particular restaurant because I had a bad experience, so I’ll pass on this gathering.”

Some people may think, “I’m not picky, I’m discerning.”

There is a line between accepting the challenge of finding the right balance – the right fit – for you, and simply not doing something because it’s not precisely the way we want.  It may not serve us well.

Go for the walk alone; take the yoga class with an unknown teacher; try a class on YouTube; or maybe join your friends at the not-so-great restaurant.

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So the question really is, “Is my choosiness preventing me from moving forward and trying something new?”

Pause, have a seat, then decide what works for you and your business.



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Want to practice meditation but can’t get comfortable

Catspaw cushionsEveryone’s talking about how meditation and mindfulness and how it will be a great benefit to you.  You want to practice meditation but can’t get comfortable 🙁

The truth is, you have to prepare your body and notice if you have any body issues,  before sitting and focusing on the breath.

It is really challenging to sit in stillness as a beginner and even for someone that practices meditation a lot it can be hard to be still because life changes all the time.  We all need guidance from time to time. Questions to ask:

How long can I sit today? Can I sit on the floor? Are my hips and hamstrings tight today?

You can it on a chair or the floor or against the wall but it is still important to prepare your body before you sit because, if you’re not comfortable your meditation will always be about the physical discomfort.

Traditionally yoga was a practice to prepare the body to sit in meditation.

If you’re preparing a 5k run and you haven’t run in a year you might want to train a few weeks before the race. That is what coming to stillness is,  preparing your body to sit.

Prepare your body to sit, so you can be comfortable when you come to meditation.

Here is a short video from Yoga Journal.


Is there a color that inspires Pausing?

catspaw cushionsThere are all kinds of articles that the psychology of colors, and the topic is fascinating.  There are countless articles and books about how we respond to color. There is a lot of money spent on what will be the trendy colors for the seasons, for everything from cars to fashion.  When it comes to meditation cushions, yoga props or zafus, the tradition has been austere, dark solid colors. Is there a color that inspires pausing?  So the simple answer – the color that we choose for a cushion depends on our taste. (updated blog post)

 I started making meditation cushions because I wanted some festive meditation cushions and yoga props for my yoga classes.  At my core I’m an artist, so this wasn’t a stretch. 😉  I  choose colors that inspire, energize and calm.
 The article What Color is your Zafu? by  Elizabeth Marglin shares a quick list of what colors represent:

catspaw cushionsYellow: Stimulates joy and uplifts the mind

Orange: Stirs up energy and boosts confidence

Red: Excites the passions and helps overcome depression
Violet: Calms the emotions and deflects irritability
Blue: Soothes the spirit and also induces harmony
Green: Balances, heals, and relaxes
Black: Inspires both introspection and discipline
Brown: Encourages security and stability
Find the support you need.

How to Support your Back

We all are entering the time of year that may be fun and challenging at the same moment, which can add stress to our bodies. The back is one common pain area.  How to support your back and finding the support you need is so important.

Practicing yoga – try a twist

Sit on the floor everyday – use a supportive cushion.

Strengthen your core – practice yoga




Create a Space for Quiet Time

You don’t need a whole room to create a space to be quiet time.

My first suggestion is having a seat that is comfortable and supports your back and whole body, a cushion, such as Catspaw Cushions, and a blanket or rug. A clock/timer or app such as insight timer. You may want to have a few items that mean something special to you such as a painting like the painting below by Diane Wright @sunjourneystudio or something that inspires you.

Have a seat, pause, breathe.catspawcushionscatspaw studio

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