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wisdom for the new year '19

What do you want for this  new year?



It’s a new year maybe should start with – What do you want for this new year?

Many people start really strong, going to the gym, eliminating a food and within a few weeks into the new year they give up and things seem overwhelming.

Instead of resolutions, the question should be –  What do I want to happen during the new year.

We are now back to the practice of pausing.  Learning how to sit, breathe and figure out what you feel, think and howprosperity is within us - tea wisdom you want to live are all things that we can answer but the hard part is allowing ourselves the time to sit with how we feel.  There  are practical things we can do that will help us figure out what do I want and it may change after we are in well into the new year.

So start where you are and practice pausing. Have a great 2019! Namasté


Peace and Goodwill


This holiday classic might give everyone a moment to pause and reflect.                                                                                What does this time of year mean to you.  Peace and goodwill to all.

No matter how you  honor this time of year, practice pausing may be a good way to start.

catspaw cushions help with quiet

On shortest day of the year – practice pausing



Maybe it it will be easy to pause, because on Friday, December 21st it will be the  shortest day of the year – practice pausing.  It will be close to a full moon as well and in a few day it will be Christmas and in a week a new year begins.  I would encourage you to practice pausing, practice quiet-time, practice being grounded.

Using  yoga poses and meditation, focus on your breath to slow down. Pause…

tea wisdom with catspaw studio

experience and wisdom

It’s said, with experience comes wisdom, but the key is pausing and reflecting on the experience. Another way to look at is by this quote by Lao Tzu.

knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment                                                Lao Tzu 

color quote by emerson

What is the color that helps you sit down and pause?


What is your favorite color? What will make you sit and pause? 

A lot of money is spent every year figuring out what will be the popular, trending colors for the year. For example, the color choices for cars, clothing and paint.

abstract orange color meditation cushionCatspaw Studio is a boutique that loves to find unique fabric. Fabric that inspires.

What’s the best color for you? The color that inspires you to sit and pause. If you pick one of your favorite colors for a meditation cushion you may  be more inclined to use it.  Of course there are no guarantees – you still have to decide to sit and pause 😉

The tradition for meditation cushions, floor pillows, yoga props or a zafu, has been austere, dark, solid colors such as black and purple, or some combination that follows a particular lineage. But you may want to choose a color that is grounding and calming for you.  Here is a brief list of the effect various colors. The list is  from the home page of Color Psychology, which offers a detailed look at the psychological meaning and impact of color.

(The Psychology and Meaning of Colors)

A list of colors that may encourage you to sit and pause

coal meditation cushion by catspaw cushionsYellow stimulates joy and uplifts the mind.

Orange stirs up energy and boosts confidence.

Red excites the passions and helps overcome depression.

Violet calms the emotions and deflects irritability.

Blue soothes the spirit and induces harmony.

Green balances, heals, and relaxes.

Black inspires both introspection and discipline.

Brown encourages security and stability.

One thing to remember is that determining the right color for your cushion, goes beyond matching the colors in your home.  Remember, the purpose for a cushion is to support your body and to be able to sit and pause.

There is power in the pause.

(The list above is from the article What Color is your Zafu? by  Elizabeth Marglin)

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