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Catspaw Studio

009Welcome to our updated website, Catspaw Studio

Our Catspaw Cushions store includes our mediation cushions (round and rectangular), as well as neck wraps and eye pillows, both of which can be heated or cooled.

Catspaw Studio continues to teach ongoing yoga classes and private sessions.

Our blog has evolved from  Yoga for the other 99 to There is power in pausing.

Yoga for the other 99 was inspired by the voice of a number of students and non-students alike, who have seen a yogi in a pretzel pose and say, “You want me to do what?”   Many photos in Yoga magazines portray masterful execution of extremely difficult, advanced poses that lead most of us to think, “That is not me, and could never be me.”  And that leads many to dismiss Yoga as simply impossible, as a practical matter.  Catspaw Yoga, by contrast, practices Structural Yoga, a tradition created by Mukunda Stiles.  It is Yoga that adapts to the individual, regardless of his or her limitations.  Its philosophy is that perfection in the pose is never more important than honoring your limits and breathing.  Of course, Yoga magazines and similar sources can be very informative and should be a source of inspiration in our practice, but Structural Yoga does not try to make anyone into a “Magazine Yogi.”

In addition, Yoga for the other 99 , we will be sharing what inspires us and things we like – from books to businesses.  It’s about what keeps us creative.  Thus, we will have a few guest postings.  One of our first will be about “I can’t believe my hamstrings are so tight” teenagers who may be active in all kinds of sports, but are simply not learning how open up their bodies (and, we hope, their minds) as they progress in their sports.  There are examples of world-class athletes whose spines will remain misshapen for the rest of their lives, because they failed to counter their hours of practice with movements that would have opened their hips, back and chest.  Another post will introduce to a school teacher who use yoga before the start regular classwork to get the students focused.

Looking forward to sharing and exchanging ideas!






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