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Do you want to share your love for getting the support you need with your community?  Do you want to generate income through your website?  If so, the Catspaw Cushions Affiliate Program is a productive way to achieve both; a great opportunity that is just one email away!

How Does The Catspaw Cushions Affiliate Program Work?

It is a simple and straightforward process. Send your request to and  upon application approval you will be added to the program.  An email will be sent with your unique link for your account, you will receive a unique link to our website. You can add to your website or add to your emails to your customers it will link to Catspaw Cushions website. When a visitor to your website, clicks on your Catspaw Cushion  hyperlink, they will enter the Catspaw Cushions website, where they can order products.  All products ordered directly by visitors that come to Catspaw Cushions via your website or direct email are tracked, this ensures that you will receive a commission for each sale.  You will be payed via Paypal or business check at the end of the month, you choose. The best part is that becoming an Affiliate of Catspaw Cushions is that it costs you nothing, you are helping to spread the word!

Why Should You Join?

When you join the Catspaw Cushions Affiliate Program, you become a member of the community.  When a visitor from your website shops at Catspaw Cushions online, they experience the knowledge and passion of small businesses.

(Catspaw Cushions reserves both the right to decline your application and accept a re-application at future date.)



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