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Everyday we have an opportunity to practice learning a language, practice patience, practice showing up, practice yoga, practice pausing … practice social distancing

sitting on zafu meditation cushions by catspaw cushion

Most of us learned to tie our shoes as a kid. How many times did we tied our shoes? So many we don’t think about it. That’s amazing when you stop to think about – it just happens. So when we have to have a difficult conversation – that we don’t want to have, or going for a walk/workout that we don’t feel like doing or sitting with difficult emotions, that we wish we didn’t even have. The awkwardness, nervousness or pain may not go away, but if we show-up even when we don’t want to or feel like it, it can become easier to face.

If we approach these situations as a practice, then we can give ourselves the opportunity to be with the ebb and flow of life. Learning how to hold the heartbreak and joy of life in a fine balance truly is a practice.

practice definition

verb he practiced the songs every day: rehearse, run through, go over/through, work on/at; polish

noun it takes lots of practice the team’s final practice: training, rehearsal, repetition, preparation; practice session, dummy run, run-through; informal dry run.

everything is practice – Periander

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