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Introducing practice pausing – learning how to bring the power of pausing into our lives. 

What do you need to create a space that helps you slow-down and pause. If  you travel a lot  or if you reside in one particular place, take the time to create a time and a place to pause.  It can be either a nook from a room to a corner off to the side. Or you can dig out a small meditation space within a closet separate from its surrounding area.

Each morning, start your day with a slice of comfort by choosing to turn on a small salt ion lamp and settle down near its offering glow.  Generate a long spine by consciously pulling your shoulder blades down your back and feeling your sits bones rooted down into the earth through the comfort of your cushion.  Contribute to your space a vibrant and colorful rug laying beneath a low and simple table. This structure can hold objects, pictures and crystals that represent desires held close to your heart.  In a tangible form, they are a reflection of your inner self.  This is your space and you can decide what holds the most value and what each item symbolizes.
The ritual you create each morning is your own.  Through all the different articles you may have read or facts you have heard, you get to decide what ideas and opinions make the cut.  There is one aspect that may be necessary and that is consistency.  Each morning, you might choose to inhale from aslow-dow on a supportive zafu by  catspaw cushions small bottle of frankincense which is a grounding essential oil. The scent is slightly pungent but you will appreciate its ability to awaken the mind. Close your eyes and set an intention for the day.  An intention is a statement or a wish for yourself.  You are creating a jumping off point of how you want to feel that day so relish in all the possibilities that could help you feel more plugged into your life!

With eyes closed, take an inhalation through your nose and then an exhalation through your mouth; letting in the good and then releasing what doesn’t serve you. The focus is only on your breath.illustration of sitting on a zafu mediation cushion by catspaw cushions

Your meditation space can be your place where your energy grows.  It is where you come to when you’re feeling unsettled.  It is where you can show up to celebrate a victory.  This is the place you created so you can honor who you are now and let go of all the rest.

Creating your meditation space can be a as simple as a mediation cushion and five minutes to focus on your breath. Meditation is having time and space for clarity.

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