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Everyone I know is either sick or exhausted, even though the new year just started.  Right off the bat, many of us already feel behind on our resolutions.

The dictionary defines resolution as “a firm decision to do or not to do something.”  It defines a reminder as “a thing that causes someone to remember something.”

list These two definitions so similar that we can think of resolutions simply as reminders.  For example, suppose you resolve to “practice yoga starting January 1st,” or “go to spin class starting January 1st.”   When February 1st comes around and you still haven’t done these things, it’s common to give up because you broke your resolution.  But just like we get reminders to pay bills, why can’t we treat a “broken” resolution simply as a reminder to begin what we have committed to in our hearts?  When you think of your resolutions, think of them as gentle prods to meditate, or not eat that trigger food, or to practice yoga, or to ________ (fill in the blank).  Hit the reminder button instead of dragging out the great scroll of failed resolutions.

A lot of people claim to have “the way” to stay on track, through motivational mantras or just plain shaming us into doing something.  But sometimes it may be as simple as writing that thing down on your to-do list. The one thing we all have to determine is what will help us remember that thing.  For me, it’s reminding myself how much better I feel after Yoga and meditation.

At Catspaw Studio, we believe that art, yoga and meditation help us to remember – they gently remind us – of what we already know.


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