catspaw studio Celebrating Lunar New Year it's the year of the Earth Dog

Celebrating Lunar New Year – Year of the Earth Dog

Maybe we should all celebrate Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year.  This year is the of the Earth Dog.  I make this suggestion because from October to January the light diminishes and the activities increase. If you have children, there is always something to attend, or company parties or an increase in family gatherings. It is hard to escape actives  especially during this time of year.

The new year starts January 1, so how are you going to make it better than the last?  You may not have had the opportunity to give it much thought. You have some time to ponder where you are going this year.

Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility.

catspaw studio Celebrating Lunar New Year it's the year of the Earth Dog

The earth dog symbolizes being grounded and loyal to learn more –  Your Chinese Astrology 

February, the light is returning and we still have time to pause and ponder how to plan the year ahead – at Catspaw Studio we believe this key is learning how and when to pause. Be inspired by the characteristics the dog!

This year Lunar New starts February 16th and lasting till February 4th, 2019. At Catspaw Studio we’ll be celebrating on Saturday, February 24th.

Save the date – Saturday, February 24th, 1-4pm Catspaw studio  is hosting Lunar New Year – Celebrating Lunar New Year – year of the Earth Dog. Join us and our artisan friends – Anita BohrerMartha Breer, Lis Griffin, Mamiko Ikeda, and Diane Wright.


beautiful illustrations are by Diane Wright 

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