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Following all the signs from nature, we’re reminded of the opportunity to start fresh everyday.

This time of year it gets darker and colder.  There are holiday celebrations and a new year is coming. All of this can lead us to a new beginnings and intentions.  Having an opportunity to make a fresh start is exciting and maybe little anxious.

When we have a lot of things pulling at us – especially this time of year – it’s important to find a moment, or several little moments, to bring ourselves back to center.

The Winter Solstice is the time of ending and beginning,  a powerful time — a time to contemplate your immortality.  A time to forgive, to be forgiven, and to make a fresh start.  A time to awaken.  Frederick Lenz

Ideas to help us start fresh or reset, on a daily or regular basis, can include:

  • setting  a reminder on your phoncatspaw cushionse to stand and focus on your breath
  • have a cushion in your office to sit on between appointments or meetings
  • set a corner in your home to unplug and sit
  • if you’re driving and come to red light, take in a few deep breaths
  • where ever you are come back to your breath
  • write down a do-able intention





painting by Diane Wright –

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