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Before trying to answer, what do I mean by asking, “Does being picky serve us?”  Looking at the thesaurus, other words for picky are choosy, fussyfinickyfastidiousoverparticulardifficult/hard to pleasedemanding, persnickety.  

When I think someone is being too picky, it’s usually about food – she/he is a picky eater.  But it can be more than the food.  For example, “I can’t go for a walk because my walking partner canceled and I can’t go walking alone.”  Or, I can’t go to yoga class because my favorite teacher is out.  Have you ever thought, “I want to be with my friends but I don’t like that particular restaurant because I had a bad experience, so I’ll pass on this gathering.”

Some people may think, “I’m not picky, I’m discerning.”

There is a line between accepting the challenge of finding the right balance – the right fit – for you, and simply not doing something because it’s not precisely the way we want.  It may not serve us well.

Go for the walk alone; take the yoga class with an unknown teacher; try a class on YouTube; or maybe join your friends at the not-so-great restaurant.

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So the question really is, “Is my choosiness preventing me from moving forward and trying something new?”

Pause, have a seat, then decide what works for you and your business.



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