the key is in the pause

Pause to …

  • Sit
  • Sit with you thoughts
  • Sit with what you’ve done or said
  • Sit with yourself
  • Find a moment to just sit.

Pause and have a seat and focus on your breath.

catspaw cushionsWe all use the word mindfulness to describe allowing yourself to be fully present for the events in your life without seeking diversions or distractions. Pause and have a seat and focus on your breath.

Since mindfulness encourages a lack of judgment. Our hope is when we come to sit (maybe on your Catspaw Cushion ūüėČ you are able to cultivate a respect and openness for all feelings and experiences. Mindfulness provides the opportunity to observe your thoughts and feelings with openness and honesty. Whatever your experience in the present moment – joy, despair, anger, elation – mindfulness creates a place to experience all the beauty and richness of the human experience.

I have included the moment from This is Us¬†Kate lets it all out,¬†because it shows all of us what it feels like when we Pause and have a seat and focus on your breath,¬†and let our feelings flow – sometimes it’s seems like it is too much. Here she has the guidance of and instructor and the rhythm of the sticks to stay and simply be.

Pause and have a seat and focus on your breath.

Mindfulness is the act of focusing on what you are actually experiencing at any given moment.¬†Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer in using mindfulness to reduce stress,¬†defines it as “awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally [sic].” ¬†Though the concept of mindfulness is simple, a regular practice is transformative, resulting in reduced stress, improved health, and increased life satisfaction.

When you say I don’t have time to sit on a cushion. Pause to sit and focus on your breathe even if it is for a minute.

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