the key is in the pause

Many people use yoga for a variety of different reasons… be it for stress management, pain, relaxation, or just for good health in general. Yoga can do many great things for the body, such as boosting one’s immune system to helping with overall flexibility. Yoga has become more and more popular over the years, and many poses have been singled out for certain uses. Here in this blog, we will go through some poses that are good for relieving stress.

So let’s get started on the yoga poses, shall we?

First up is stress relief, something we all need at one point or another. There are many yoga poses that help contribute to stress relief, but I’m only going to note the best ones that I have found to work.

“Sukhasana” is probably the easiest to do as well as being the most basic. You basically sit, as if you were meditating, legs crossed, hands resting outwards on your knees, while you keep your spine as straight as you can, and breathe in slowly. Hold this pose for at least 60 seconds to get its full benefits.

Another good one for stress is what’s know as the “cat’s pose”. You get down on all fours, and arch your back, face down, much like how a cat does. Not only does it alleviate pressure on your spine, it also helps to relax any tension you may have in your back.

The next one is a nice balance between the child’s pose and the downward-facing dog, the “extended puppy pose”. You will go down on all fours, while extending your arms straight out, your palms facing the floor. You will face the floor, stretching your back as much as you can, as you extend your arms forward.

As you delve deeper and deeper into the practice of yoga, you will find more and more poses that do things for you that you couldn’t even imagine. For more on yoga, meditation, and the like, contact us!

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