the right fit

Finding the Right Fit

Finding the right fit – to grow and thrive

I bought discounted orchids. They didn’t have blooms but were in pretty pots.  

Orchids have a reputation of being hard to grow but this was a small investment so I bought two!

I went on Pinterest because I knew I would find a lot of info to choose from. After reading a few articles I found a short video that was a step by step and of what was needed and what to do to make for happy orchids.

What I learned – they needed to be in orchid medium, pots with good drainage –  special orchid pots,  watered weekly and can’t sit in water, so best to take them to the sink and let the water drain out, humidity so kitchen or spray them and of course they need light, so they are now sitting in an east window that is near my kitchen.

My point of telling you this, once I had the right mix and pots it doesn’t seem that complicated.

Once we get a little knowledge about how to get support for, a plant, a pet, a friend or most importantly yourself, you can find the right fit. The hard part for most of us is, getting distracted from the quest of finding the right fit – support. Giving ourselves time for finding what is the right fit, so the conditions are right to grow and thrive.

Give yourself time, space and knowledge to get clear.  I took sometime off this summer to do just that.  The theme that has seemed to keep coming up is the power of learning to pause.

Catspaw Studio is committed to helping people find pause in everyday life because it heals through yoga, floor cushions or unresolved grief, loss or trauma. 


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