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What is a treasure or distraction?

I often wondered – what is a treasure or distraction? And how am I going to sift through the clutter.

When I am online or shopping or online shopping ūüėȬ†¬†there is so much in my line of vision – and I think ¬†how do find, what I¬†original set out to find? ¬†

The quick answer is sometimes it takes awhile, but just like with yoga, meditation or mindful practice we get to practice coming back to the breath.  Whether it is visual clutter or mind clutter,  there are countless books and advise on decluttering РI have listed a few ideas below.

There is power in the pause – why did I come to the site, what am I looking for etc. If it just a window shopping then what a great time to practice sifting through the clutter!

I recently went into a thift store and it is just full of “stuff” the little shop was teeming with “treasures,” which can be overwhelming. ¬†I did find a couple of treasures! (Angels with Paws Thrift Store) Quickly had to practice visually editing. I found a couple a really great teapots!

It is easy to feel overwhelmed from being visually over-simulated, folks ranting – whether it is justified or not, ¬†noise, or feeling like you’re consistently being sold to.

The art of editing has to be practiced on a regular basics.  Everyday we get to decide what is a treasure and what is a distraction on your path.

Here are a few resources for ideas –


Meditation Made Easy

Marie Kondo

Mindful – taking time for what matters


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