the key is in the pause

Staying active can get harder if you have been injured or getting older.

meditation at catspawExercising is important no matter what stage of life you’re in. As we age our knees may hurt, have arthritis in your hands, and it becomes harder and harder to go for walks, exercise, and do the things you used to do to stay fit.

Yoga can help seniors keep moving, as well as alleviate arthritis pain, back pain, and other problems. Unlike aerobics, yoga is a low-impact exercise. It stretches muscles, in slow, steady, movements. Stretching muscles can help lower back pain and alleviate arthritis pain. Many yoga poses such as Downward-Facing Dog, Mountain Pose, and Warrior Pose, are easy to do and great for beginners.

Seniors starting yoga may want to go slow and use items such as cushions and extra-thick, mats. If getting on your knees or standing is too much for you, consider chair yoga. Done while sitting, this form of yoga uses stretches and breathing techniques. Breathing techniques are an important foundation for all forms of yoga. Not only does deep breathing feel good but it helps let go of stress.

Remember if you have specific health issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, it’s important to let your yoga instructor know. A knowledgeable yoga instructor will know what your limits are. It’s also important to remember when starting out, to go slow. Yoga is a gentle exercise. If you feel off-balance or in pain, stop the pose. Yoga is meant to help you, not hurt you.

Staying active as you age may be hard, but yoga is one easy way to help your mind and body stay healthy.

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