the key is in the pause

Sometimes we just need a little guidance,  A landmark to point us in the right direction.  Sometimes you have to ask-

Are you willing to get lost?

My family is from upstate NY in a small town. Corning, you may have heard of Corning Glass and every year my family drove back.

This particular time I was around 10 ish.  All my cousins, aunts and uncles were at my grandpa’s  house.  So my youngest cousin, who was maybe was around 5 ish and I decide to go for a walk around the block. We asked if we could walk around the block and the adults said yes.

We held hands, as we made our way around the neighborhood.  As it turns out we crossed a number of blocks and we ended up front of the neighbor store.  I recognized it, so I knew we were close to my grandpa’s house.  Later I learned the store owners knew who we were and called my grandpa.

We didn’t think we were lost! And we did connect back with our families. I know you were worried 😉

Even if you have a plan and a map, sometimes, you can make a wrong turn and get lost, but then you’ve discovered an amazing hole in the wall restaurant or take a different turn on a hike and you see a family of deer – not just one, on your path.

Be ok with being lost for a while.  (it is a way to practice living with uncertainty or ambiguity).

When I travel or hike,  I have a plan but in the back of my mind say it is ok to take a different route and get lost for a little while.

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