the key is in the pause

Where do you start? Besides the obvious answer – where you are 😉

The problem is, sometimes we do not know how to get a solid start, whether it is a new meditation practice or yoga class or simply walking for 20 minutes everyday. Some of us lack the focus and do not know where exactly to begin to reap the benefits of a good meditation session. Meditation is good for the mind, body, and soul.

The foundations of meditating are the ability to  sit (on cushion), I hope you consider investing in Catspaw Cushions 😉 and follow your breathe or as Father Richard Rohr states come to yes (he was the speaker for the Spiritual Directors of Colorado Conference). Sometimes, you have to brush reoccurring thoughts. It is like remember to comeback to what your are doing – maybe like pressing the refresh button. You are letting the distracting bustle of everyday life out, to let inner peace in.

While doing this, sit down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Like anything else, meditation is a practice. It is easy to get annoyed, distracted and unfocused. Getting a deep meditation down puts you back in control of your mind and creates a soulful connection within yourself.

Make a specific time during the day to meditate so it becomes a habit. Do first what is comfortable for you in a place that is comfortable for you. Once you clear your head and set time aside every day for this, you have the very basic foundations down needed to continue to meditate.

Sometimes, people often have trouble with posture while meditating. Having a good cushion some times called  zafu assist us by helping support our uniques bodies during  meditating, and  helps achieve a comfort. These cushions contain organic buckwheat hulls harvested in South Dakota. and can help strengthen your core and give you a boost while meditating.

If you have more questions and concerns about meditating and want to check out products that will help you get in your zone, please contact us

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