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According to many religious-spiritual traditions, the Winter Solstice symbolizes a time for important festivals and observances to welcome stillness, silence, gratitude, blessings, and reflection. Mindful meditation during the Winter Solstice enhances insight and sets intention for the year to come. This is the perfect time to optimize on positive opportunities and increase awareness.

Here are some tips on balancing your energy through meditation during this winter:

Think positively

Keep your energy happy and uplifting – whether in the car, at home, or at work, spend at least five minutes of the day being mindful of the beauty that is around you.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking water is the best way to detoxify the waste in the body, flushing out negativity so that positivity can enter in during your meditation.

Keep a list of goals or prayers

Spend some time imagining your dreams or goals. Try writing them down on paper, or make a “vision board” and place it some where you can view it daily. Spending time each day focusing on your dreams and goals during meditation can amplify the outcome.

catspawC2Solo meditation or Group mediation

The beauty of meditation is that you can do it alone in the sacred space of your home, or you can connect with other like-minded friends to meditate with in a group setting. Whether your preferences are alone or with a group, meditation creates a stillness that allows us to look inward for growth and development.

Enjoy this winter! Let it be a time of opportunity and manifestation. For more tips on meditation, please contact us

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