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Press the Pause button before the “season” begins –  using the pause button may be a  important skill to develop, especially before the “season” begins – should I say it? I probably don’t need to say but in the spirit of being clear “holidays”, which for many of us can be a little bittersweet.  Here are a few ideas – suggestions – thoughts, that you can use or add your own to press the pause button or unplug.

  1. blue-308748_960_720limit how much news your watch, read or listen – also limit your time on social outlets
  2. turn off all sound – meaning books on tape, radio, pandora etc, try it for 5, 10 minutes or all day
  3. sit on the floor
  4. follow your breath – stop – inhale and exhale
  5. find a window with a view nature and just look
  6. practice yoga for  for 5, 10 minutes or take a class

This list could go one. I would encourage you to find ways that might prompt you to pause.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”  Ann Lamont

Press the Pause Buttoncatspawc

Seating on the floor  with a supportive cushion can do a lot to help you take a moment to regroup – Catspaw


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