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Are you working on a new project, or embarking on a new creative adventure? Devoting some time to balance your 2nd Chakra may help! This chakra is also known as the sacral chakra, and is found in the pelvic area. It is associated with creativity, passion  and the color is orange.

When the 2nd chakra is in balance, you’ll feel joy, abundance, and wellnesspaprika. If it is out of balance you may feel fear, depression, or struggle with addiction. Through yoga and meditation, you can maintain or restore balance to this chakra, and help creativity flow!

Yoga poses for the sacral chakra focus on the pelvic area. Since the chakra is associated with creativity and passion, be playful with these poses. Play some fun music, or perform the poses as you imagine a child would. Sit in an easy cross-legged pose and place your hands on knees. Begin to rotate the pelvis in clockwise circles, allowing the spine and upper body to follow. Complete 5 or 6 circles in this direction and then reverse.

Next draw the soles of the feet together into butterfly pose and let your upper body fold forward, bringing the hands to rest wherever comfortable. Allow your heels to press into the pelvis, bringing the focus of the pose to that region.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother great 2nd chakra pose is cobra. Lay on your belly, press your hands into the mat beneath your shoulders. Raise your head, neck, and shoulders off the mat, and continue to press up using the hands as far as comfortable. Keep the focus on the second chakra by pressing the pelvis into the mat.

At the end of your practice, close with a meditation on the sound associated with the second chakra, vam – follow your breath. Breath in pause, exhale pause. 

Pause to help creativity flow.

mixed media of Svadisthana – 2nd Chakra by Diane Wright @sunjourneystudio

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