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Do we really need an opportunity or crisis to step up to the plate?

stepuptotheplateOur theme for April is, “Practice Matters.”  Since the baseball season has just begun (Go, Rockies!) I thought I would use a baseball metaphor to make a point about the importance of practice.

When we begin yoga, we have to learn to come to our mat or meditation cushion even when we don’t want to.  We have to “step up to the plate.”  It is only when we show up at the appointed place for a specific purpose that we can see what will happen, whether it is a home run or a called third strike.

Stepping up to the plate does not mean, though, that we have to practice the same way, inning after inning, day after day.  Not every turn at bat requires swinging for the stands; sometimes a bunt is all you need.  It’s OK to mix it up; take a different route.  If, like lots of people, you have a job that has become boring, you have probably figured out ways to show up and make it interesting, so you don’t come home drained every day.  Even the sunrise isn’t the same every day.  So, stepping up to the plate can mean, try a new yoga pose or a different meditation that isn’t yet part of your practice.  But make a routine of coming to the mat and practicing something.  The more we practice – the more we take our turn at bat – the more we learn about ourselves. (Seth Godin book: It’s Your Turn and It’s Always Your Turn.

 Pause to step up to the …

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