power in the pause

Show up!

Just show up and things will happen.  Mother Teresa 1910-1997 

As we continue to remind ourselves why practice matters during the month of April, I think of the quote from Aaron Sorkin below.  Showing up is the only way that something will happen.

decisions-are-made-by-those-who-show-up-quote-1Whether we show up to our meditation cushion, yoga mat, a job, a meeting, or most importantly, your life – be a participant and you get to decide!

I know sometimes showing up can be mundane, boring and repetitive.  How can we get a different attitude about showing up?  What needs to happen for us to become invested in showing up?shanti-town.jpg

In my post What’s Your Cue I pointed out that according to Charles Duhigg, changing one thing in the cycle of cue–routine–reward can change everything.  Recently I had a student try the “Crow” yoga pose-bakasana, which had eluded her for years.  So my cue to her was lift up your head – meaning, take your eye off the floor and raise your gaze higher.  She was successful and it changed her perspective.

What new cue will help you to show up and participate in your life?




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