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Sometimes we see a map with a star that says you are here, similar to the cartoon by Leo Cullum.

To begin to find clarity we need to figure out where we are, sometimes we have a map like the rabbits.  With bigger  or important questions we don’t always have a map. So we come back to our theme of clarity during the month of March.

When we come to our yoga mat,  we want to be aware, where our body is in space. How does your our body move?  Are we tight and weak? Can we sit in seated meditation for let’s say 20 minutes? Where is your body in relationship to objects or other people.

We are in a yoga class and the teacher uses a prompt “bend your knees, hinge from the hip, come to a forward fold with a flat back,” the question you may ask are my knees bent, is my back flat, how does this feel – where am I?

We ask the same question when we come to our cushion for our daily meditation practice. How does this feel and can I focus on my breath or mantra.

If we can start with the question where am I, we can have a better idea where we want to go.

Pause, to decide your next step.

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