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First Chakra mixed media by D WrightAs we near the Winter Solstice, Christmas – this year there will be a full moon, New Year and other year-end season festivities.  It really feels that we need to be still and quiet. It is time to be reflective and looking forward toward the new year.

As we come to pause to be  quiet and try to become grounded we will focus on our 1st chakra.

Chakras are known in the practices of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda as centers of energy within the body. The word chakra in Sanskrit translates to “wheel”, and these centers of energy are frequently depicted as whirling balls of energy starting at the base of the spine and moving up through the crown of the head. Each chakra is associated with a different aspect of energy and emotion. Through yoga poses and meditation, you can balance your chakras and tap into their energy.

The 1st chakra is also known as the root, base or muladhara chakra. It is the foundation of all the chakras, and is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with security and feelings of groundedness. If you are feeling nervous, anxiousness, or fear, incorporating poses associated with this chakra into your yoga practice may help to balance this center of energy.first chakra

Yoga poses for the root chakra emphasize connection with the earth as a means to restore feelings of security. Spend a few moments at the beginning of your practice standing in mountain pose. With your feet hips distance apart, spread and root your toes. Envision roots extending down from your feet into the earth.

Warrior 1 is another great root chakra pose. From mountain pose, step one foot back 3/4 distance towards the back of the mat. Sink into the front knee as it bends towards 90 degrees. Turn the back foot flat and press down through all four corners of the foot. As you reinforce your connection to the earth with your feet, raise your arms overhead, and allow your body to be a conduit for the energy you draw up from the earth.

When you finish your practice, close with a meditation on the mantra associated with the first chakra, the sound of “Lam”. Sit comfortably, close the eyes and begin to focus on the breath. Inhale through the nose, and as you exhale, repeat the sound “Lam” either silently or out loud. Continue this meditation for at least five minutes.


Muladhara mixed media by Diane Wright 

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