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There is enough time.

That is one of the mantras that Judith Hanson Lasater suggest in her timeless book, Living your Yoga.  Chapter 2, Discipline and at the top of the chapter starts with a yoga sutra.

The restriction of these fluctuations is achieved through practice and dispassion.        -Yoga Sutra 1 :12

As we rush and do, during a this time of year it really seems counter intuitive, when we might really feel compelled to come to quiet, we must remind ourselves to, pause.  The Winter Solstice a few days ago is a reminder to slow down, but there is so much pressure to do.

As we come to the New Year, again the pressure to make resolutions is quite high.  I suggest that we resolve to practice.  And with the mantra there is enough time, the tasks that aren’t important or we don’t find meaning in will go to the back burner.  I know what you’re are thinking, I have to go to work, I need to wash dishes, do laundry etc. We should pause to think about what really needs to get done to serve your lives.

Since I teach yoga I believe and try to practice on a daily basis – I physically and mentally feel better with a yoga and meditation practice, so I have realized that I need to incorporate it my daily life and encourage my students to do the same.  For example, if someone comes to me in class and says I have tight low back,  which is very common, and I suggest a variety of ways to incorporate low back care throughout the  day. So the question is, “Do  you have 5 minutes 3 times a daily (a total of 15 mins)? Or let’s say you do something to really hurt your back and you need to stay in bed  flat for the day.  Yes, that is extreme but after we reach the age of 40ish we get tight and tired and don’t bounce back as easily, think Peyton Manning of our beloved Denver Broncos. Yes he is awesome but not bouncing back as quickly as he would have when he was younger.

So as 2016 approaches I suggest that there is enough time for down dogs!



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