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Ten Places to Shop Local Saturday in Denver | WestwordShopping and holiday stress?

It seems these days, even before Halloween comes, suggestions of what to buy for the Christmas season are showing up in the marketplace.  One can feel a bit of subliminal pressure, like a winding clock.  Americans love our traditions, but let’s face it: The decorations. The family. The baking. The shopping!

For #shopsmall we are thrilled to me included in Westword’s Ten Places to Shop. The list helps provide ideas for the hard to shop for.

We gear our shopping for the recipient, which can make it sometimes difficult. We are faced with the proverbial question: “What do I get for the one who has everything?”  Often, the answer is right in front of us.Consider products like meditation cushion – zafu pillow. They are decorative enough to adorn a couch, and made right here in the good ol’ USA. They are stuffed with traditional organic buckwheat hulls. Another gift almost anyone can appreciate is our neck wrap.  It comes in a variety of colors, and the outside cover is washable.  There are five individual compartments inside.  It can be heated in the microwave or put in the freezer.  Best of all, its uses go beyond the neck, and it can be applied to ease any part of the body suffering muscle aches or pains.  Holiday shopping and stress seem to go hand in hand, unique gifts could be the answer even for ourselves.

Yoga offers so many ways to soothe ourselves during the holidays.  No matter how hectic our work is, no matter how far behind our preparations are, or how crazy our family is, we have a sanctuary.  Yoga is the Great Escape, and we can do it anywhere.  Take time this season to meditate, practice gratitude, and find the holiday spirit within yourself…  And above all, remember to breathe!


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