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Anyone who has mastered meditation already knows that it offers them unlimited benefits, including complete

relaxation and inner knowledge. That said, people new to the art may not be convinced. However, a new wealth of information is showing us that meditation works.

Let’s start by creating a working definition of meditation. Simply put, meditation consists of sitting quietly and focusing. Many advanced meditation experts focus on their breath or a phrase of one or more words (called a mantra) to keep their concentration on one repeating idea.

Repeating a mantra enough times eventually strips it of its meaning: this phenomenon is called semantic satiation. It occurs when your body and mind have experienced an excessive stimulation. In self-defense, the mind will lower its acuteness. This experience is related to the way that smells decrease in severity.

As a result, a mantra becomes nothing but meaningless sounds. This is important: stripping the word of its sounds takes away its definition. Soon, you’re just focusing your mind on repeating meaningless sound.

That repetition will increase your concentration by essentially “mesmerizing” your mind. It will force your mind to eliminate outside thoughts and open up for greater focus.

Once your mind has reached that zen-like state of calm, you can start truly concentrating on important aspects of your life. Simply lowering your stress levels might be enough. However, you can also fixate on fixing problematic areas in your life, such as low self-esteem or eating too much.

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