power in the pause

We all experience stress daily.

There is a little irony that in April it is #stress awareness month and #humor month.

As a yoga instructor and meditation cushion manufacturer, I want to have many tools to deal with #stress.

What is stress?  Strainpressure tensionworryanxietytroubledifficulty, hassle. Some stressors can be large or small but we all need to find ways to cope.  I have a bias toward yoga and meditation. Because  life can be so overwhelming, you can simply –  Pause. (I know what do that mean?)

Some practical ways are, when you are out doing errands or on a call with a difficult person, is coming up with ways to calm you mind. There are a lot of meditation apps out there, as well as articles etc. but one of this simplest things to do is  – Pause to watch your breath, say to yourself, inhale in, exhale out, inhale in, exhale out continue until you head stops racing. , using your breath to fill your lungs, inhale and exhale.

If you are in a place to that you can practice some yoga  you can start with focusing on your breath, come to a simple standing forward fold (Uttanasana or Tadasana), and continue to bring your attention to your breath. A forward fold can help de – #stress and calm the mind.

imagesAfter the forward fold then come up to standing and reach toward the sky, creating space in your body.

If you are in a place that you can come into down dog and rock in to plank and back to down dog and while you do this simple movement focus on your breath.

Pause and repeat.


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