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supportive meditation cushions by catspaw studioThere are countless articles and books about how we respond to color. There is a lot of money spent on what will be the trendy colors for the year or for the diffierent seasons –  from everything from cars to fashion.  When it comes to a zafu or meditation cushions, yoga props or floor cushions, the tradition for meditation cushion has been mostly black.

I started making meditation cushions because I wanted some festive meditation cushions and yoga props for my yoga classes.  At my core I’m an artist, so adding color to support cushion wasn’t a stretch. 😉  I try to choose colors that inspire, energize and calm.

The article What Color is your Zafu? by  Elizabeth Marglin shares a quick list of what colors represent:

Yellow: Stimulates joy and uplifts the mind

Orange: Stirs up energy and boosts confidence

Red: Excites the passions and helps overcome depression
Violet: Calms the emotions and deflects irritability
Blue: Soothes the spirit and also induces harmony
Green: Balances, heals, and relaxes
Black: Inspires both introspection and discipline
Brown: Encourages security and stability
 The Psychology of Color Guide for Designers on Pinographics is a fascinating article with more detail.

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